It’s all about the fashion, not what you wear but how it makes you feel when you wear it. MillionDollarBaby was created to let you feel the luxury in life, a luxury that isn’t always physical but meant to be mental. It’s about your constant evolution of who you were yesterday v.s who you’ve become today. MDB allows you to evolve luxuriously based on your goals, visions, where and how far you want to go, and the effort you put in your life to become a better you.


To provide service and products at the best value to each and every customer. We aim to make a difference in the fashion industry by offering equal looks to everyone regardless of gender. We plan to lead the latest trends with the best quality products. Last but not least we aim to help provide a better, more luxurious life for customers and business partners alike. 


Our vision is to be one of a kind. We will have original ideas and unique designs to allow all our customers to feel unique. We want every customer to feel satisfied with their purchase and our customer service. We hope to bring everyone back to shop with us.